Head of Marketing

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Oasis is a privacy focused L1 blockchain with a highly scalable, cross-chain enabled architecture that is able to provide data sovereignty and on-chain privacy to the whole Web3 ecosystem. The Oasis Protocol Foundation supports projects focused on building privacy-preserving applications on top of the Oasis Network.


Job purpose:

With the help of the team the Head of Marketing develops, drives and supports realization of a marketing growth strategy that is aligned with our Network’s vision and mission and at the same time collaborates with our Oasis community in order to generate awareness of our technology, products and the Oasis brand recognition.


Main responsibilities:

  • With the help of the team (especially marketing and community teams) help reassess, build, and execute a marketing growth strategy that is aligned with the Networks main outcomes (designing activities for PR, SM, Dev Acquisition, content, analytics, paid advertising, events and channels growth, etc) — in consistent coordination with BD and Engineering.
  • Leads and Mentors our Marketing teams, providing guidance, removing blockers, and allowing for creative ideas to be heard while breaking departmental silos. Work cohesively with BD, Marketing, Operations and Engineering to ensure that Marketing is in line with business outcomes
  • Develop quarterly outcomes for marketing and community growth and engagement
  • Conduct periodic growth reviews by providing constructive feedback and even more importantly, to ask and receive constructive feedback by team members
  • Structure, launch, and produce new cross-marketing campaigns (content/social, community programs, events, ads, and initiatives focused on marketing cultivation) with clear target audiences and business outcomes, reaching developers, token holders, and business partners
  • Ownership of building the resources necessary to execute these campaigns, including additions to marketing and community teams (agencies, new hires)
  • Establish and grow brand awareness, builders and retail users via event planning, partnerships, social media campaigns, and other user engagement and acquisition programs
  • Develop new tools, ideas, approaches, and best practices to engage with the community and increase brand recognition with best marketing strategies; be reactive towards marketing trends and adjust accordingly, stimulate conversations
  • Prepare financial projections and budgets for the marketing department


  • Build & grow brand awareness and design acquisition campaigns to attract developers
  • Identify and plan various events & thought leadership activities and lead partner co marketing including working with influencers
  • Launch new products & features with the help of our engineering and product team & Negotiate, plan, and execute announcements of key partnerships with other projects. Working with BD to define these partnerships and further working with BD to assist and support ecosystem partners with community events, ambassador activations, and content support
  • Organize owned and earned channel promotion for these partnerships including blogs, press, and social channel AMAs. Develop the marketing material for these launches such as messaging, positioning, blog posts, and social media posts
  • Lead hackathons and other promotional events to help acquire new developers to the platform and highlight key network milestones. Track relevant events, apply, and collaborate with team members to develop content & presentations for each event
  • Work with (and develop new) international teams to help expand the reach of Oasis beyond the US and into European and Asian markets
  • Develop quarterly OKRs for marketing teams and design a strategy to meet them, immediately report blockers and propose + implement solutions to get us back on track
  • Structure and launch new programs, events, campaigns, and initiatives focused on community (builders and retail) cultivation
  • Manage, grow, and measure the success of the ambassador program, create and host ambassador trainings, and host Ambassador Town Halls. Create a strategy for regional growth in priority regions and ensure that regional ambassador leads are supported and empowered to meet growth OKRs. Create content strategy & Help with getting up financial budgets

More information about our Community and Marketing teams:

Community team:

  1. Engaging with the community: The community team is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with the Oasis Protocol community, which includes developers, users, and other stakeholders.
  2. Creating and managing community channels: The team creates and manages channels like social media, forums, and chat groups where community members can interact with one another and receive updates from the team.
  3. Providing support: The community team may also provide technical support to community members who are building on the platform or using its features.
  4. Gathering feedback: The team gathers feedback from the community to identify pain points and opportunities to improve the platform.

Marketing team:

  1. Promoting the platform: The marketing team is responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies to promote the Oasis Protocol platform and its features.
  2. Creating marketing content: The team creates marketing content such as blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and social media posts to educate potential users about the platform.
  3. Building partnerships: The team may work on building partnerships with other projects, businesses, or influencers in the blockchain space to expand the platform’s reach.
  4. Supporting events: The marketing team may also support events such as conferences, meetups, and hackathons to promote the platform and engage with the community.

This is a full-time role that will be paid in USDT OR USDC cryptocurrency

The role can be based anywhere with flexible and remote work options. There is a preference for candidates who can work to CEST time zone.

To apply for this job please visit euremotejobs.com.